Candy King on Salt Worms Vape Juice Review

Candy King on Salt Worms e-liquid captures the classic taste of chewy, sour gummy worms. It will take you back to your childhood memories of enjoying this delicious candy.

This nicotine salt vape juice combines a variety of sweet and sour fruit flavors with a touch of citrus. It’s a truly amazing flavor and one that will have you coming back for more.


Worms by Candy King on Salt is a tantalizing gummy worm vape juice that takes your taste buds down memory lane. It mimics the classic sour gummy worms that were so popular when you were growing up, and it offers an amazing sour and sweet finish that will make your mouth water.

Sour Worms by Candy King on Salt is an exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers with a burst of fruity flavors that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile. It features candied strawberry, cherry, and blue raspberry with a zesty twist of lemon and lime.

It’s similar to the sweet and sour flavors of an array of fruits sprinkled with sugar crystals, and it’s sure to bring back memories of days you’d escape to divulge in candy all by yourself. It’s a vape juice you’ll love to enjoy all day, every day!


Sour candy is the perfect treat for those who like to have a sweet and sour mix. Whether it’s a sour cherry gummy, a sour blue raspberry gummy, or a sour strawberry gummy, these candies are known to cause lips to pucker and mouths to salivate.

This vape juice from Candy King on Salt captures that sweet and sour mix in a deliciously satisfying blend. Its e-liquid immaculately evokes the genuine taste of a timeless sour gummy worm that we all know and love.

Designed by the expert mixologists and craftsmen at Candy King on Salt, Worms e-liquid takes your taste buds down memory lane with a truly mouthwatering flavor that will delight your tastebuds with every draw.

It’s no wonder that Worms has been a best-selling flavor amongst the salt selection at Candy King on Salt. With heady hits of mixed fruit, tangy lemon and lime citrus, sugary blue raspberry, and dark red cherries, this e-liquid is the perfect blend to satisfy your sour candy cravings!


If you love citrus fruits, then Candy King on Salt Worms is sure to be a hit with your taste buds! This is a premium e-juice that offers a delicious puff of sweet and sour fruit gummy flavors in a 70/30 VG/PG blend.

Using high-quality ingredients, this vape juice provides outstanding performance in your sub-ohm vape device. Available in 30mL bottles in 35mg and 50mg nicotine salt strength, this premium e-liquid is a must-try!

Batch: This sour then sweet take on your favorite gummy candies will have you puckering up with the tart zestiness of sour sugar covered lime, lemon, orange, and cherry candies.

Swedish: If you have a strong love for strawberry gummy and taffy, then this is the vape juice for you! This flavor closely mimics the individually wrapped taffy that comes in packs with other flavors inside.

This is a unique and tasty vape juice that gives you a nicotine rush without the harsh throat hit that traditional e-liquids offer. This is ideal for beginners looking to try nicotine salts!


If you are looking for a great sour fruit gummy flavor, look no further than Candy King on Salt Worms. This e-liquid brings back all the flavors of a classic gummy worm with an added touch of ice chill menthol!

This e-liquid is available at eJuice Direct in 100mL bottles of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength. This premium e-juice is a high-quality 70/30 VG/PG blend with a delicious flavor that performs well in your sub-ohm vape device!

It tastes just like the stretchy, chewy sour gummy worms that we all enjoyed as kids. It also features sweet sugar-coated gummy worms on the exhale for a sensational experience!