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Plumbing problems are never convenient, and they can cause major headaches for you and your family if left unattended. To help you avoid costly repairs in the future, consider getting regular inspections from a licensed plumber. This will help identify any problems before they become a big issue. Some common services that plumbing professionals provide include the following:

Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home and property.

Leak Detection and Repair

Many water systems have leaks that go undetected for extended periods. Often, these losses are due to corrosion of older pipes or poor erosion protection and can be reduced by an aggressive program of leak detection and repair.

Water and product loss due to leaking equipment, pipes or process units can be substantial. These losses can result in expensive utility bills, facility repairs and production downtime. An LDAR program is the best practice to minimize these costly losses and shows a corporate commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Identifying and repairing leaks is easy with our leak detection and repair service. Our trained and experienced plumbing professional can inspect your water supply system and determine the source of the leak. This service is typically less costly than replacing pipes and can save you money on your water bill. Underground leaks can be more difficult to detect, but you may notice sinkholes in your yard or unusually green or wet areas in the landscape.

Clogged Drains

Drains in a household have to stand up to more than just water – they must also handle soap, hair, grease, and food debris. Over time, this can cause them to become clogged and stop working as efficiently as they should.

A professional plumber can help to diagnose and fix the problem of a clogged drain or pipe. They are trained to find and remove the clog without damaging your pipes, so you can use your plumbing fixtures again as soon as possible.

They can also provide preventative measures, such as installing sink strainers or drain covers that help to catch hair and other items before they get into the drains. They can also recommend that you avoid pouring grease down your drains, as this can solidify and trap other objects in the pipes, causing a blockage. They can also use advanced technology like fiber optic cameras to check the state of your plumbing system and identify problems before they become serious.

Sewer and Water Line Repair

A leaky sewer line can lead to serious property damage and health concerns. It’s important to repair sewer lines as soon as you notice signs of a problem. Some common signs include a wet yard, poor drainage, a gurgling toilet or septic system, and foul sewage smells.

Plumbers are trained to find the source of clogs and repair them without damaging your plumbing system. They are also trained to use the latest tools and technology to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Water and sewer pipes can become damaged from age, ground movement, improper installation or renovations, and other factors. Having regular inspections and repairs can prevent major problems that require costly replacements.

Hydro Drain Jetting

Using water at high pressure, hydro jetting blasts debris like dirt, hair, soap scum, and grease from your drain lines. This process can eliminate stubborn clogs that snaking is unable to handle.

It can also get rid of tree roots that have grown into and through sewer lines. This method is more cost-effective than snaking and doesn’t damage the pipes.

The team at Plumbing Service Group Newport News VA specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services. Its technicians perform plumbing repair, install new fixtures, and clean drains and sewer lines. They are available day and night to address emergencies.

If you suspect your home or business is experiencing a plumbing issue, schedule an inspection with the team at Plumbing Service Group Newport News VA. The company offers a range of residential and commercial plumbing services including clogged toilets, leak detection, hydro jetting, video pipe inspections, and garbage disposals. Its plumbing contractors can even handle hydro excavation, septic tanks, and backflow prevention systems.